Jack McDermott

Student, Tufts University - Founder, Speech4Good - Teacher, Tufts.io

About Me

Hey there, I'm Jack.

I'm a senior at Tufts University where I've spent the better part of my time outside the classroom and off the lacrosse field creating products. Based on personal experience, I've built Speech4Good and Fluently for people with speech disorders.

You can read about my work in Inc. Magazine, Pando Daily, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Lacrosse Magazine and on my blog.

Fluent speech is within reach.

Speech4Good is an iOS app that makes proven speech therapy techniques accessible and affordable from an iPad and iPhone.

Fluently Now
Connect with a speech therapist.

Fluently is an online service that connects people looking for speech therapy with certified speech-language pathology professionals.

Learning about startups through mentorship.

Tufts.io is a mentorship-driven, academic seminar on startups & technology for first-year students offered during the Fall '13 semester at Tufts University.